Great British vintage clothing for men and women

Why Buy Vintage Clothing?

Vintage and Retro Clothing helps you to stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart. Vintage clothing, including vintage dresses, vintage shirts and skirts, as well as vintage and retro accessories, give you the opportunity to create your own style and be truly unique in the fashion stakes.

Fashion is always changing, and fashion trends come and go, but iconic items of vintage clothing will not only last you seasons, but if cared for properly, could last you a lifetime.

Vintage clothing offers unique styling and fantastic tailoring and can provide you will an affordable way to get a designer look. V for Vintage Clothing will help you to create the ideal look for you, no matter what your price range, we will help you find the right vintage look for any occasion.

Vintage Clothing doesn't just include vintage dresses and shoes; V for Vintage Clothing stock a wide range of men's vintage clothing, and our sports vintage wear range is one of our most popular best sellers.

Vintage Clothing and The Environment

Buying Vintage Clothing helps the environment in a number of ways. Primarily, reusing what is already available is the best possible way to recycle. Reusing vintage clothing stops items being thrown away, and cuts down on the amount of clothing sent to landfill.

Buying or sourcing vintage clothing is also beneficial for the environment as, if more people wore vintage or second hand clothes, there would be less pollution caused from clothes manufacturing. Vintage clothing can help you to look great and save the planet. And with a few basic sewing skills you can pick up great pieces of vintage clothing that others might pass by - grabbing yourself a unique bargain and saving the clothes from ending up in the scrapheap!

Vintage Clothing and Fashion

Vintage and Retro Clothing is coming back in to fashion; with festivals dedicated to it and catwalks showing some key vintage trends the high street is following suit with vintage styling hitting many of the major high street brands.

The fantastic thing about buying genuine vintage clothing is the reassurance and peace of mind that it is most unlikely that you will see anyone wearing the same vintage item of clothing as you. Vintage clothing offers you a unique personality through your wardrobe - something that vintage replicas on the high street just can't give you.

At V for Vintage Clothing we bring you the best of both worlds; unique vintage and retro pieces with a price tag you can afford. Don't settle for replicas; go for the real deal in vintage and retro clothing at V for Vintage Clothing.

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