Bali. A little slice of paradise.

Bali: An Island of Unique Experiences

Bali is a paradise that avid travelers must visit on a long weekend or a week-long paid leave from work.

It can also be a good settling place for remote workers who seek relaxation and wellness after hours.

The best thing about this famous island in Indonesia is that it doesn’t cost that much to enjoy such beauty.

For as low as $20 a night, you can experience Bali for less even in peak seasons.

Glamping and beach activities are common but there are actually a lot of other unique things to do in Bali.

Go deep inside the heart of the island and enjoy Bali like no other with these unique experiences..

1.      Meatless meat?

Food might be on the top 3 reasons people travel. In that case, let’s go to the town of Ubud, where they have the best vegan food for meat eaters.

There are literally thousands of options to choose from as restaurants have an alternative for literally every known meat dish.

Hardcore meat eaters don’t even see the difference and find these vegan alternatives very delicious. It is time for you try them as well.

2.      The best place for yoga

Yoga in Bali might make you ditch the yoga studios you go to at home.

The calming views in Bali are nothing without  some body cleansing through meditation and yoga.

If the pictures and brochures lure you to this paradise, then it might be wise to cap it off with a meditation retreat.

Bali is an often go-to spot for people who look to recharge before throwing themselves for the new challenges that will come their way.

Enjoy a choice of either meditating along the beaches or in the middle of farms and forestation. Either way, you still will find peace.

3.      The farm that looks like stairs

Rice plantations are commonly found in tropical countries. Southeast Asia alone have lots of them.

In Indonesia however, there is the Tegalalang Rice Terraces which should be a world wonder candidate.

Want something beautiful to post on Instagram? Having the Tegalalang Rice Terraces on your background will surely make your friends envy.

It has a magnificent view of the valley and the tropical feel of the coconut trees that surround them.

The farmers have started to get wise through the years as some property owners charge a fee just to use their farm as a background.

4.      The delicious poo?

Don’t let the word “poo” fool you. The Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive cups of coffee you will ever drink.

The Asian Palm Civet Cat feeds on coffee seeds, which is why it is purely what they expel. Cycling tours in Bali often have a Luwak coffee tasting session in the itinerary.

It might be cheaper however to travel to Bali and drink it there rather than spending around $50 at home for just a cup. In Bali, the Kopi Luwak only costs $5 in their own currency.

5.      Shop till you drop at Ubud Market

Expect sellers to mark up their prices exponentially when in Bali. If you know that actual worth of each item however, you won’t get scammed.

The good finds can be bought at the Ubud Market, where there are a number of authentic jewelry, handcrafted clothes and bags that you can only find in Bali.

The face that you can take home something unique back to your homeland will make you splurge on the items there.

Just be sure to go deep into the smaller alleys instead of just the main streets. Sometimes the best kept items can be found there.

6.      Do you want to be forever young?

The Goa Gajah or the Elephant Cave is a sanctuary built in the 9th century but instead of seeing elephants, you will find six statues of women holding a pot at their bellies.

There, water is streaming out of those pots and are safe to drink. Some even believe that drinking water from the fountain provides eternal youth.

The reason they call it the elephant cave is because the elephant is a symbol of education and the place used to be a school centuries ago.

7.      Tropical royalty

If you are researching for tour packages to Bali, chances are that visiting the Ubud Palace is part of the itinerary. It is one of the most prominent places in the area, and a focal attraction to some.

The Palace was built in the 1800s, which means it houses more than two centuries of well-preserved intricate architecture. The Palace’s pristine condition is a true mark of how Asian people value sentimentality.

Whether it is walking the Balinese gardens or going there to watch the evening performances, the Ubud Palace is a must-see for fans of the folk arts.

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