Cities in Sweden

The most idyllic cities in Sweden

Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, yet it’s often overseen for more popular places such as France or Italy. Most people skip Sweden because it’s expensive (which, to be honest, it is), it’s not as accessible as many other countries in Europe and because not many people know what exactly Sweden has to offer.

But for those who gives Sweden a chance, they will soon find themselves rewarded with magnificent nature, idyllic towns, a beautiful culture which involves a lot of “fika” (when you meet up with a friend for a coffee and something sweet) and lots and lots of castles. So if you’ve decided to give it a chance, make sure to visit some of the most idyllic cities in Sweden. Not sure which one it might be? Then read on!


Kalmar is often dubbed as Sweden’s best summer city. It’s located in the southeast coast and is one of the most idyllic cities you can find in Sweden. In the city, you can also find Kalmar Castle, which has been dubbed as one of the most beautiful castles in the world.


Further up north, you’ll find Sundsvall, a city that’s been burnt down twice but that’s still standing its ground. Many people in Sweden has dubbed Sundsvall as the most beautiful city. If that’s true or not is up to you to decide, but one thing’s for sure – the city sure has a lot to offer. The city centre is filled with stunning architectural buildings that will take you back in time. But don’t linger too long in the centre, instead, rent a car and go to the outskirts of the city such as Alnö or Skatan. It’s there where you’ll find the true charm of Sundsvall. The city is well located along the coast and you can find plenty of beaches here. If the weather allows it during summer time, you should go for a midnight swim. It’s in the north where the sun never fully goes down in summer. If you come during winter, you can ski or snowboard here.


There’s no doubt that the capital city of Sweden is breathtaking. With its lakes, parks and historic charm, it’s difficult to not get swept away by Stockholm. Take a stroll in the Old Town and discover some of the most photogenic sides of Stockholm.


The city of Helsingborg is often overlooked by its big brother Malmö. But that doesn’t mean that it should be. Helsingborg has everything you could wish for – castles, gardens, stunning nature, great restaurants, plenty of cafés and good connections to the rest of southern Sweden and even Denmark. You could hop on a quick ferry ride and be in Denmark for a few hours before heading back. Sounds pretty great, right?

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